Youth Beyond Enterprises

A resource page for teen entrepreneurs.


Mission: Youth Beyond Enterprises (YBE) encourages and embraces youth entrepreneurship and innovation. Working with members of the Bay of Quinte Region business community program participants are engaged in thought-provoking activities intertwined with the Lean Startup process to help program participants create new sustainable businesses.

Vision: The Bay of Quinte Region is a thriving rural hub for youth entrepreneurs.

Rachael developed the YBE program to address the chronic problem of youth leaving the Bay of Quinte region, upon graduation from secondary and post-secondary education.

  • A lack of stimulating, gainful & sustainable full-time employment opportunities has made the region an undesirable location for young people and young families.
  • The unique talent, innovation and ideas that the youth possess are not being tapped into but instead are leaving the region when the youth leave.
  • Being a young person who grew up the Bay of Quinte Region, Rachael is familiar with the hardships being experienced by the young people in the region.
  • Upon graduation from the Loyalist College Accounting and Post Graduate Human Resource Management Programs Rachael enrolled in the Loyalist College 1-Year Post Graduate Entrepreneurial Studies – Business Launch (ESBL) Program to develop a business that would create exciting entrepreneurship-based career opportunities for youth. 
  • Throughout the ESBL Program Rachael has worked diligently to establish herself within the community; she has acquired a roster of partners, mentors, and community members who are helping her to design the infrastructure she will require to successfully launch YBE. 
  • Rachael is currently a member of the Cadet Instructors Cadre branch of the Canadian Armed Forces (the RCAF to be exact).